50/50 Program

We believe that individuals of all income levels benefit from sound financial planning. Our 50/50 Program provides a cost-effective option for individuals with up to $50,000 in assets and $50,000 income to receive objective personal financial direction, at an affordable price. >Learn More About Us

With our program we will address six key areas of financial planning:

Why do you need the 50/50 Program?

The answer is simple. It’s because the program provides the essential piece to your puzzle.

For example, the advisors at 50/50 Program will work with you to determine:

We provide a financial plan that details the best route to accomplish your goals within the allotted time. Contact Us for more information.

If you find that you do not fit the criteria for our program, please visit HFH Planning for a description of our other financial planning services available.

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Many people know they need help and guidance to set goals and manage their money, especially in these complex and unsure financial times. A financial plan provides that help and guidance.